Declaration of Resistance

by Upper Hutt Posse

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Upper Hutt Posse continues to evolve; less a band, more a musical journey, a concept, it is the project name that founding members MC Wiya, Te Kupu (aka D Word) and Blue Dread use to preach through hip-hop, reggae, funk-fusion, jazz and rock music. Declaration of Resistance is the band’s seventh record – it is album-as-manifesto and this latest evolution of the band that pushes for social revolution features a jazz-horn section (including Jeff Henderson on alt and baritone saxes) to push the rhythm into place behind the rhymes. There are times when the band sound is huge, transcending all notion of genre, moving through hip-hop and reggae. Blasting out Kiwi-flavoured world music. It never obscures the message – a tough line against inequality and indifference, a fierce polemic that urges action, most importantly thought – but the music does give the listener a chance to admire the delivery if the message is at times overwrought, overwhelming, over the top. That said, there’s joy in the piece Liberation, it takes on a feel that Linton Kwesi Johnson and Dennis Bovell would be proud of. Elsewhere with Resistance the sound is rock pushing through reggae and rap. Inspiration has the band at its best, doing something to redress the balance for all the phoned-in and lazy-sounding reggae that thwarts this country’s musical momentum. In that sense, Upper Hutt Posse are pushing a hard line musically as well as lyrically, expecting only the best. Where the message was lost a little with previous album Tohe, due to tentative forays in to the worlds of electronica and dubstep, Declaration Of Resistance has this retooled version of the band showing its skills as not only a force to be reckoned with as New Zealand’s oldest, most thought-provoking hip-hop combo but are also (now) one of our sharpest reggae bands. I love that Upper Hutt Posse’s sound keeps moving, keeps searching, keeps listeners surprised. This album kicks off with Know, one part pop song and one part R’n’B ballad. This might be the bands masterpiece – well, at least until their next album.

Reviewer: Simon Sweetman


released October 22, 2011

Recorded at Munki Studios by Mike Gibson, assistant Darren Maynard
Overdubs recorded at Matakahi Studios by Te Kupu
Mixed by Mike Gibson (2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, 12) and Jason Erskine (1, 3, 8, 10, 11, 13)
Mastered by Mike Gibson (Munki Mastering) at Bonfire Audio
Cover Artwork: Te Kupu
Photography (Rear Cover): David Berry
Produced and Arranged by Dean Hapeta aka Te Kupu

Lead & Backing Vocals: Te Kupu, MC Wiya, Gnrl Blue Ngāti Dredd I
Backing Vocals: Ātaahua Hapeta-Taereau (1, 2, 6, 8, 11, 13), Mina Ripia (7, 8, 12)
Piano, Synthesizers & Organ: Te Kupu, Todd Parata, Kev Rangihuna Electric Guitar: Kiki Marama, Des Mallon (4, 7, 8, 12)
Bass: MC Wiya (1, 8), Nathan Warren (4, 7, 12), Kev Rangihuna (2, 5, 10, 11), Crete Haami (3, 6, 9)
Drums: Maaka McGregor (2 - 12), Des Mallon (1, 13)
Alto and Baritone Saxophones: Jeff Henderson
Tenor Saxophone: Jeremy Coubrough, Roger Rangitawa (4)
Trombone: Amanda Mclean
Tuba & Double Bass: Isaac Smith
Trumpet: Nigel Patterson, Chris Schnack (4)
Violin: Leo Watson
Percussion: Rafael Ferrer, Phill Simmonds, Gnrl Blue Ngāti Dredd I, Des Mallon



all rights reserved


Upper Hutt Posse Wellington, New Zealand

Three to seven-piece rap-reggae-funk fusion band, a fluid lineup with additional musicians coalescing around Te Kupu (aka D Word) on vocals, rhythm guitar and keys, and MC Wiya on vocals, bass.

The progenitors of rap music in the South Pacific, releasing 'E Tū' in 1988, following a year later with debut album 'Against The Flow'. Twenty-two music videos and seven albums to date.
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Track Name: Know
I know
Can you too
Always on the move
Always coming through
I can see I have the right
Straight from creation
The right to my life
I’m free Free to perceive
I am the river
The mountain and the sea
You and Me could it really be
Locked in this prison Humanity
But i’m still free I am free
Free from belief
Righteousness will be
Unity Revolutionary
They can’t stop we
Resistance is beauty
So why not conceive
If you could just perceive
Truth will overcome
Destruction and disease
The trees breathe
It’s such a mighty relief
Here is the purpose
Let everybody see
I know I need you
Always on the move
Always coming through
I can see I have the right
Straight from creation
The right to my life
I’m free

They can’t stop we
Resistance is the key
So why not conceive
If you could just perceive
Truth will overcome
Destruction and disease
The trees breathe
It’s such a mighty relief
Here is the purpose
Let everybody see

I know
I have the right
The right to this life yeah
The right to my life
I know I have the right
The right to this live
Oh yes
I know
Track Name: Inspiration
Nah you’re never gonna stop this sound
You can’t keep a good thing down
You’re never gonna stop this sound

Apathy is upon the people
They don’t know
That them don’t even know
Oh woe what them heed and do
In delusion is doom
Ignorance debilitating
Yet victory there shall be
Yet nothing they do can defeat us
Our sweetness will see us through

Hotter the battle, sweeter the victory

It’s here in the hearts
Of the brothers and sisters
A rock solid Inspiration, from creation
It’s here in the heart of every brother
Every sister

Good is no healer of evil
When forgiven are all earthly sins
Disregard hell and heaven
Big up the world we’re living in
Cast aside mental pollution
Embrace a brand new start
Right here among us is the heart of hearts

This mighty word sound & vision
Has come to chant them down
Mental pollution you must leave town

Just bring me Watercress and Red wine
Kūtai, Tuna, Pūhā, Trout, Tū Crucial Sound
Bring me Tutu berry juice brewed from old time

So pick up yourself pickup yourself
Wake up yourself wakeup yourself
Track Name: UHP To The People
Power to the people UHP to the people
We never came here for the money, the gold
We never came here for the fame, the glory
We never came here to dib be dib be dize
We keep on the struggle, realize
To the U - To the H - To the P
It’s the UHP To the - U struggle
To the - Hell yeah - Power to the people

Coming straight up hardcore
Struggle always with persistence
Striving surviving
This is rhyming and resistance
Defiant not to let
The troubles get us down
Neither the type that could
Ever take a bow
Telling the truth direct the word
Straight from the mother
We represent Tino Rangatiratanga
This is how we do
Coming straight outta Māoribank
Tangata whenua
Fire by the riverside
Injustice we nah like
Never gonna stop the fight
Down with the oppressive laws
Up with the native’s rights
We nah retreat and
We never will surrender
Though we may forgive
We’ll always remember
Those who fought and died
Sacrificed their lives
Gave up all their time
So the struggle will survive
Together forever
For justice we will strive
The U the H the P always on time

This ain’t the time to be quiet, yo
This ain’t the time to be still, know
Know that everything you see
Does affect you, so
Let’s grow, here we go
Respect it nah neglect it
Intelligence is thoughts optimistic
So check ya mindset, is it futuristic
Like when you hear fallacy
Do you correct it
Well hit reset sidestep regret
What you deserve
Is it really what you get
Forget the presets
And phoney concepts
Designed to make you
Act like a lunatic
We be UH Posse check it
We Come Correct
Still Against The Flow
With a Legacy
This is a Movement In Demand
Keep up the Tohe
So Mā Te Wā soon come
Track Name: Ka Whawhai Tonu Mātou
Ka whawhai tonu mātou
Mō ake ake ake
Mō te whenua te iwi me te ora

We a go fight we keep fight them
We’ve had enough of dem system
Them steal the land off the people
And the people them suffer
Native people come hungry
For the kai of Papatūānuku
Ranginui above us
Native people come together

Ko te iwi Māori e maranga
Ko te iwi Māori me whawhai

Tāhae, colonizer, whenua
Tauiwi, check dem homanga
He kaikōhuru pokokōhua
Bring genocide capitalista
Ā rātou mahi mate everywhere
Ka hanga whareherehere
Ka ātete mātou kia wetewete
He patu i te kete
Pōrangi nei āna kawa-keha
Korehāhā it a vampire
Te Whakahaeretanga
Ko te kaupapa
Mau ake i te kaha ā tūpuna
Dem beast system got no mana
A luta continua, Intifada
Tino Rangatiratanga

We are native so we fight them
We’ve had enough of them system
Them steal the land off the people
And we people we suffer
Track Name: Government Departure
We gotta free political prisoners now
Brick by brick break ‘em out of them cells
Free the freedom fighters, free ‘em all now
Smash them prisons smash them down!

Straight up bullshit how they try to rule
Direct us, mislead, imprison us, and
Corrupt us, i won’t be censored or silenced
By no government control, muthafuckers
Trying to conquer our spirit
To destroy our soul

I wanna see a government departure
All them ever brought is death and disaster
From the pigs on the beat
To the church’s pastor
All do evil works in the name of their father
Government policies
Designed to keep us down
Wicked court systems
Just to fuck us around, yeah
I wanna see a government departure
They carry forth the crimes
Of the colonial bastards
I wanna see a government departure
Because the newspaper editor
Spreading lies of their masters
Wake up people time to realise
We gotta fight for justice
Fight ’til the day we die

Fork the government
The Roman law, the system
Fork the government
Illuminati of damnation
Abomination, Hillbilly Rockerfeller
Rothschild, Warburg, Knights Templar
Fork the government
The Roman law, the system
Fork the government
The Illuminati of damnation
Thema killing you, thema killing me
Thema killing we, thema killing everybody
Dey don’t care for the race of humanity
One world order, ludicrous hypocracy
Possession of the mind
Through mediaocracy, whoe whoi yo y yohio
Me gwan exile you outta me place
Finally i get to erase, gung ho
Babylon a burn, a me say Babylon dead
Babylon a burn, a me say Babylon dead

Remember how they framed Rua Kenana
Remember Steve Biko, South Africa
Remember how they murdered Martin Luther
Remember how they captured Te Rauparaha
Remember when they shot Tupac and Peter
Remember how they cut the foot of Kunta
Remember the terror raids in the Urewera
Remember how they killed Blair the teacher
Just like they killed Malcolm X the preacher
Ransoms on the heads of our Tūpuna
The Act of Suppression against our Tohunga
Remember how they imprisoned our ancestors
Remember hold to the struggle
Freedom Fighter

Free the Cuban Five
Leonard Peltier
Mumia Abu-Jamal
Free Lynne Stewart
And all those
That she defends
Get them
The fuck out of jail
Free Guantanamo
Free Palestine
Free all the desaparecidos
Free all those kidnapped
By Agents of the State
Drug traffickers
Or whoever
Tries to silence us
Leave my people alone!
Track Name: Can't Let It Be
You can’t let it be
You just can’t let it be
You can’t let it be

You run go a doctor
Seek an easy cure
But the pills you get
Hook you
More and more
You run go a lawyer
‘Cause it false accuse
But them system
Nah stop
Its legalized abuse
You stand for justice
Reclaim stolen land
But the cop arrest you
That’s his masters plan
You end up in court
For demanding rights
But the judge nah help
‘Cause it’s not his fight

So is that just the way
We’re gonna let it be
Why not stop and think
Of how it could be
So is that just the way
It’s gonna always be
Why not just live
How it should be

To succeed at school
Do what the teacher say
‘Cause it’s not about thinking
But to follow their ways
Go to university
Learn some deeper things
But their history
Nah start at the beginning
To see what’s going on
Try watch the evening news
But them keep talk lies
With subverting views
Them say vote for me
So them make a good change
But you feel ripped off
‘Cause them nah rearrange
Them run economy
And control them banks
Make a rich and poor
And never give thanks
Yes them ones in charge
Them are truly sick
And there’s no doctor cure
‘Cause them head too thick

When the truth reveal
You have to hold it tight
Hold it strong
With all your might

So what will happen
When everyone
Begins to see
We woke up and seen
How it could be
Ain’t no more thinkin’
That, that
That’s the way it’s gonna be
And we’re just gonna live
How it should be
Track Name: We A Warrior
All my Ngāti warrior
We the Warriors
Dreadlock soldiers

We a go war dem war dem 1 time
We a go war dem war dem 2 time
We a go war dem war dem 3 time
We a go kill babylon
Kill them a swine

All my warriors trod forward the narrow path
Never afraid of no shadows of the dark
Drunken is the spirit
With the blood sweat and tears
Resistance of my people
For two hundred years
Not the type to just let shit fly
Warriors of truth ya know we will never die
Until your wrongs have been rectified
Our war with babylon is fully justified
Still one people fill the prison cell
Still one people living hard as hell
Still one people can’t pay the fine
Still one nigga meant to toe the line
Still one people’s culture is disrespected
Still it’s our rights being neglected
Who writes the paper who creates the news
Same old devil all dressed in blue
Getting sick of dealing with these
Bitches and these blouses
In and out of wicked courthouses
Hard they try can’t lock a brother down
From the depths of Babylon
Freedom trumpet will sound

One time this a for my warriors
Two time this a for my souljahs
Three time this a for my warriors
Four time this a for my souljahs

Labeled my people as a terrorist
When it’s only your aggression
That we resist, ha!
You think your cells can repel we
We’re not a product of your evil society
Forever more and since way back when
We won’t bow to evil laws of men
You’re trying to enslave me 7 to 5
But that type of living ain’t kicking it live
It’s through the will of the Jah
That I'n'I shall survive
Better to struggle like a dog
Than to lay down and die
Soldiers of peace
Warrior of justice and equality
One without the other devil philosophy
Wickedness strive against the righteous ones
In the physical i will always come
Refuse to loose
To be a victim to the racist swine
War them each and every time

Special dedication this one
Yes to all freedom fighters
Fighting for truth, equal rights and justice seen
Track Name: Revolutionary
I revolutionary
Nah hunger
People power
Fist forward Liberator
High regard
Blaze thunder
Mighty fire
Many heart resistor
Many saviour
Have no vote
For dem greedy
Have no fear
For dem money
Have no ear
For dem scheming
Know that we
Forward true clarity
And push up humanity
And promote one unity
Inna good company
So big up this sound

It is the greatest thing
To be
It is the greatest thing
You’ll see

I said join the revolution
It is the fire
And do the righteous thing
Blaze in every heart
I said join the revolution
Take us higher
Gonna let freedom ring
Higher, higher

See dem plot only slavery
See dem plant only worry
See dem fool far and many
Know that we maintain
And ready

Them beast
Talk globalisation
But it’s just
Capitalist slave wage-ism
In a global prison
Them beast regression
Overseen by false-ism
Track Name: Resistance
We’re gonna keep up resistance
No matter what the fuck you think
‘Cause this is straightup persistence
No matter what the fuck you do

They’re always coming for we
Who stand up righteous and see
Their ways of sickness can’t be
A way of life you and me
The greatest murderers of time War criminals
I’m talkin’ ‘bout Politicians, CEOs
Church leaders and bigots they all gotta go
Got you subdued ignorant a slave robot
For their puny little minds doesn’t matter what
If they kill a million people, hey
We got homicide running society
We got fratricide voting for lunacy
We got genocide straight up calamity
There’s only one way to be

To keep the people alive come bring a positive vibe
A strut a step and a stride
Them falsehood clown a go hide
No hesitate decide how it should be
A world of food water shelter for fucken everybody
Something to strive for and nothing to die for
No more pollution and no more bullshit calls to war
That’s what we fight for so fuck that racist law
To live in dignity respect honestly
To live properly without hypocrisy
Co-operation without greed trickery
This capitalism corrupts so it won’t be
Determining what the fuck I do and what I see

Them fat corporate fuckers - Gots to go
Them pig brutality - Gots to go
Them bullshit democracy - Gots to go
Them crimes against humanity – Gots to go
Them mis-education - Gots to go
Them braindead religions - Gots to go
Them plastic consumerism - Gots to go
Them handcuffs and prisons - Gots to go
Them profit economy - Gots to go
Them greed and pollution - Gots to go
Them soldiers and drones - Gots to go
Them lying media - Gots to go
Them suits and crusades - Gots to go
Them drug pusher doctors - Gots to go
Them banks and debts - Gots to go
Them tyrannical corruption - Gots to go
Yeah them tyrannical corruption - Gots to go
I said this whole fucken system’s just Gots to go!
Track Name: Liberation
It’s a liberation time
I’m feeling fine ya’ll
Everybody’s on my mind
Arising all the time yeah

No matter what kind of pressure
No matter what kind of pain
No matter what them say about you
My pledge to you remains

What would you do
If you saw me
Lying in the gutter
Would you bother?
Beaten by a policeman
Just for fighting for my rights
In the struggle
Well I’ve got something to tell ya
It doesn’t even matter
But I would help you

Because no matter
What kind of pressure
No matter what kind of pain
It’s vital for the people
Liberation is your name
Yes it is super special
Sharing what to do, liberation
Working for we and you and me
And she and he and everybody

Do you even think
We can be together
Sister and brother
Freedom fighters
Holding to the promise
That we make
To each other for the better
Yes we can I tell you
‘Cause we’re fighting
Working for solution for everyone

Stepping forward a liberation
And an evolution for in every nation
Keep saying overcome them situation
Strong embrace
People foundation become
It a living creation
A spark for elevation every nation
Track Name: Shitstem
All over the world them try to impose
Upon I’n’I them wicked shitstem
Yet I’n’I refuse to lay down and be victimized
By their oppressive rule

By any means necessary
Stand firm against them wicked shitstem
By any means necessary
We’ll fight against all them oppression

Hold up first let’s overstand
How them operate them godless plan
The shitstem’s run by corporation
Demon big money organisation
Funding propaganda inna foriegn nations
Elections won through their donations
World domination is their goal
Steal the Arab oil and the Blackman gold
To fuel and wage their war regime
Bullshit lies of American dreams
To hide the truth from you and me
Keep the masses tricked in poverty
Braindead shit on your tv screen
6 o’clock news on a 1 2 3
Such is the mental slavery
That they try to impose on we
So we a go struggle to be free

This truth cannot be denied
Them can run but them can’t hide
The shitstem only work for the some
The rich get the more
And the poor get the none
Like a rabid beast that needs to feed
Sucking blood like a pyramid scheme
Civilisation was never brought to cultures
But destroyed by them wicked vultures
Force feed us them sickness madness
Politics and them religion
We refuse to be pacified
By listening to your filthy lies
They speak of things like equality
Justice and true liberty
Yet they try to kill the light
Try to deny our human rights
So it is for freedom that we fight

Shitstem don’t wanna let us be
But we must rule our destiny
The destruction that’s being maintained
This planet cannot sustain
Poison us with them toxic fumes
Until no longer the blossom bloom
Nature ensures that we survive
Keeps the I’s an the I’s alive
Them destroy the mother earth and we all die

Me say them plot and them scheme
While them living in your scene
I say watch yourself
Me say them plotting with my brothers
And them scheming with my sisters
I say who can it be
Track Name: Freedom
Freedom a come for the people
And Babylon burn, beast man a burn
Them never love native people
Them nah learn so dem burn yeah

Imprisonment without trial
Human rights gone astray
Detention & torture is the order of the day
It’s constant braindeadening
To strengthen all blame
Political disharmony contentiousness remains
It’s just demonocracy, corrupt economy
Mis-information, plutocracy, so sing
A song of enlightenment to lead the way
This poisoned man him run away

The system is a tyrant, cash money disease
Dis-order to dis-arm higher reason energy
The government nah govern with truth equality
Society in turmoil deceit war and greed
Aspirations of these profit driven mentalities
Suppressing all reasoned ideology
So sing a song of resistance
To chant them down
This wicked man is a clown

Free we ain’t and ain’t nothin’ today free
We want justice that’s what we said
It’s the time like the time i talk about
Time for justice should we do it for ourselves
I hear you thinking let’s get it through the law
Well don’t expect it ya’ll it ain’t an open door
True justice is what we wanna see
We don’t get it so how the hell can we be free

We ain’t talking about any so-called justice
Connected to crude courtrooms with learned
Fools crusading colonial corruption
We’re talkin about true justice
Yet to be formed, forbidden to be
Designed, by these fascist governments
With their regressive regimes

Them nah love dem nah one
With everybody, them try superiority
Them go make decision, dem go fake
Conclusion, dem work in iniquity

Freedom to live apart from the beast
Freedom to live in peace
Freedom to honour earth in native dignity
Freedom to resist baldhead mentality
To separate from imperialist hegemony
Freedom to reject their capitalist society
Freedom to grow our seeds, to eat
What we please to liberate from
Their braindead disease
Track Name: Maintain
Fills the soul alive
Strength to realise
I’ll greet you here
And now as joy arrives
We’ll smile a dream
And share it in our eyes
So just smile


Such simple love is
Here for all to hold
When gold becomes
The truth that
You’ve been told
It’s so clear everywhere
To re-arrange
To take the reins
From them
And make it sane
Make it sane

Keep it right on time
Can’t none of them
Stop it no
Gonna keep it solid yeah
Solid as a rock

Gonna maintain
So truth will reign
Keep imagination
Alive and solid
And show the people
To rearrange