Movement In Demand

by Upper Hutt Posse

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mr sterile The under-acknowledge album - a truly radical, and rare, album from Aotearoa - Uncompromising, articulate and with killer hooks - a must have.
So many good songs on this! Favorite track: Movement In Demand.
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'Droppin' bombs on the wicked deed' (by Stephen Zepke)

Upper Hutt Posse aren't a symptom of the recent rise in Māori activism, they're a cause.Since their inception as a reggae band in 1985, Dean Hapeta, aka D Word, aka Te Kupu and the Posse have been fighting racial injustice through their music. In 1988 they released Aotearoa's first rap record, 'E Tū', and with it they defined themselves as one of Mäori youth's most relevant voices, and more than that, a voice for the youth of Aotearoa, and all those who see the need for change. UHP and Dean Hapeta are radicals, and thats one of the best things about them. The Posse just go from strength to strength, with the latest album, 'Movement In Demand', mixing their signature hip-hop style with their reggae roots, and adding the distinctive raggamuffin rap of Wiya. The lyrics, as uncompromising and uplifting as ever, send an astute message of anger, action, and education. The Posse are 'Droppin' bombs on the wicked deed' ('Can't Get Away'), but they're 'warriors of knowledge' as well. Dean Hapeta and the UHP have an uncanny ability to combine anger and aggression, with knowledge and love, and this is what makes both their music and their politics so appealing. The new album is musically smooth, sophisticated and very seductive. It's lyrics however, are defiantly hardcore, and it is this disjunction of tones, like that in G-funk but to a different end, that makes it awesome. The striking cover for 'Movement In Demand' collages together previous great Māori leaders, and there are liner notes on each inside. First, its educational, as the schools don't teach us about these people. Second, the Māori heroes come from a widely spread number of tribes, and as such represent one of Dean's underlying messages, tribal unity. For him, tribalism is a curse, and while respecting tribal differences in protocol and other like things, believes that as Māori people face the same problems of institutional racism, so they will be strongest and most effective if facing them together. The figures on the cover include warriors, such as Hone Heke or Rewi Maniapoto, politicians such as Apirana Ngata, and pacifists like Te Whiti O Rongomai. To explain the variety Dean invokes Malcolm X, 'By any means necessary', and while he has never been against violent struggle believes politics also has its role. Unsurprisingly then, Dean has been actively involved in the current protests, spending time at Pakaitore, Wanganui, during its recent occupation. At the height of the stand-off with the police the word from from the elders was that there was to be no violence, and this was something Dean found hard to deal with, thinking he had 'better sneak out the back, then'. But the police backed off from forcibly evicting the protesters, mainly, according to Dean, because of the widespread support for the protest. This support was forthcoming from many Pākeha's, a fact generally unreported in the press. This made the victory of the occupation that much more important for Dean, it being 'in the heart'. So the Posse's political rhetoric is not simply anti-white, rather their anger is directed at the white institutions, institutions which victimise white youth as well as minorities. Indeed much interesting Posse politics come in on this point, condemning 'Three piece suits stifling younger generations/... Too damn ignorant to understand /Blinded, deafened by misconception/Unwilling to trust unconvention/Norms of society afraid of rejection/Change is the threat, difference is accommodated/Fair decision is dismissed, society's upheld/Conformative behaviour the play of the pawns/Fence dwelling, truth selling I scorn' ('Fuck The Status Quo'). So the message is pan-racial; 'Wake up, get up. Mash up society/So we can forge a better place to be/Free of wicked politics and dirty tricks against true humanity/ ...Actions now are gonna forge the future tense/Hence we gotta teach peace, truth/ Inspiration for true equity thats what we gotta be'. ('Movement In Demand'). The Posse are a force of change, challenging the status quo and its racism, but seeking a new world in which harmony and peace can get a chance to work; 'Connection is positive, not enough touching/Lives avoided, barricades of fear colliding'. ('Fuck The Status Quo'). But the radicalism remains undiluted, and compromise is not the path the Posse advocates. 'Movement In Demand' contains plenty to inflame: 'Like Hone Heke don't be no weak heart fool/Non-violence is a choice, it ain't no fucken rule' ('Hardcore'). Dean is definitely drawn to the romance of declaring war and going out to fight the invader. And there is plenty of this feeling on the album; 'For Babylon put a gun in ya hand/So here's what I figure, pull the trigger' ('Gun In My Hand'). But it's not simply violence for its own sake, governments racism puts a gun in the hand of the oppressed, and Mäori people have been targets of the government for so long that shooting back becomes a natural option; 'The heads of Government are evil and cunning/The Polytricks man out there, yes creating war /...So now listen here man cause a this ya have to know/What so ever you reap you will surely sow' ('Dread On A Mission'). Shooting back at the government is nothing less than it deserves. But the Posse's anger is against an institution of, not the race it represents. As such, Dean isn't interested in getting an equal slice of the white mans pie, or any other sell-out plans. His is a politics of difference, 'We should be looking for a different way' he says, not white against black (the status quo), nor black against white, but love verses hate and freedom verses oppression, because we all suffer under a government and its institutionalised mechanisms of oppression; 'This law is a redneck law - institutional racism with blameless flaws - this justice wretched by nepotists - bigoted in concept inept and lacking depth' ('As The Blind See'). The Posse are activists, angered by prejudices, discrimination and injustices, and prepared to fight for what is right. But they are teachers too, and see past the racial hatred the government tries to encourage, towards an educated and aware youth able to take control of its own lives, and a society where they can do that. So Dean's emphasis on education, giving people the information they need to see the lies we live our lives through. In this sense one of the most potent aspects of the album is the use of Māori language in the songs, with 'Tangata Whenua' being entirely in Māori. And it sounds great, Māori seemingly an excellent language to rap in. Dean Hapeta and UHP occupy one of the most interesting political positions in Aotearoa today. Māori activists and warriors, but teachers also, their project combines these aspects within the immediately accessible genre of hip-hop, indicating a true way forward. And we can all do well to listen, which given the Posse funk is a pleasure to do. 'I belong in this land Aotearoa/Discovered long ago by my mighty Tūpuna/So I'm on a high, dedicated many many years/Fight against the racist, he missed, I resist/ Blissed out with the knowledge of victory, I'll neva stop/Drop solid props like I said to the struggle/Fed well from the words ya hear I'm sayin' it no shit Hardcore'. ('Hardcore')


released July 1, 1995

D Word - Lead vocals, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer
Wiya - Backing vocals, Organ
Taki Matete - Bass
Earl Robertson - Drums
Kiki Marama - Guitar, Piano, Organ, Synthesizer

Guest musicians:
Jon ‘Dready’ Henare - Piano, Francis Harawira - Bass, Pita Turei - Nguru

Guest vocalists:
Wi Tate, Emma Paki, Heremaia Parangi, Eruera Tuhura-Mita, Teuila Blakely, Kim Wallace, Tui Worvenhomen, Nat Rose

Recorded, engineered and mixed by Sam Gibson at Revolver Studios, Auckland, Aotearoa. On September 26, 27, 29, 30 & October 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6, 1994, Studio assistant - Glen McNabb. Compilation by Victor Grbic
Mastered by Jon Cooper at Digipost

Additional Production:
Chorus & Intro vocals on track 1 recorded in 1993 at Incubator Studios Vocals on track 8 recorded in 1995 at Incubator Studios
Track 5 re-mastered in 1997 at Incubator Studios
Vocals on track 14 (except Intro female vocal) re-recorded at Deepgrooves Studios, 1998, engineer Chris Sinclair
Editing by Te Kupu at Matakahi Studios, 1999
Re-mastered by Angus McNaughton at Incubator Studios, March 2000

Cover Artwork by Rongotai Lomas
Cover Layout by Frank Blunt
Artist photography by Monica Ahuriri

Produced by Dean Hapeta/D word/Te Kupu



all rights reserved


Upper Hutt Posse Wellington, New Zealand

Three to seven-piece rap-reggae-funk fusion band, a fluid lineup with additional musicians coalescing around Te Kupu (aka D Word) on vocals, rhythm guitar and keys, and MC Wiya on vocals, bass.

The progenitors of rap music in the South Pacific, releasing 'E Tū' in 1988, following a year later with debut album 'Against The Flow'. Twenty-two music videos and seven albums to date.
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Track Name: Whakakotahi
Ko wai ngā Tāngata Whenua i ēnei motu?
Whakarongo ki ngā karanga o ngā iwi Māori
He aha te mahi o te kāwanatanga?
I tāhae koe ki ngā taonga Māori
I mauria mai koe ki ngā mate, ngā piro
Mai rāno, tae noa mai ki tēnei rā
He aha te mea nui o te Ao?
Māku e ki atu, He Tangata, He Tangata, He Tangata

*1 Planet earth 196.940,00 square miles, all over the planet earth and
where ever they go they conquer the people, murder the people,
take their land and then set up their own Government there after
invading the peoples land and then name it what they wanna
name it

Fuck New Zealand ya call me a kiwi
Aotearoa the name of the country
Māori are we Tāngata Whenua
People of the land
Keepers of the fire Te Ahi Kaa
Indigenous people we are as you can see lets control our destiny
Shake a break the chains of fear and despair free
Realise it's we who live and breathe do you see
Rooted on earth like the mighty kauri tree
Etched in existence I am continually
Whakawhita te ora life shines the cause to be
Brother sister people rejoice thats you and me - Whakakotahi

Kua ngaro ngā tamariki o Tane Mahuta
I whakaparu te moana o Tangaroa
I takahia koutou i runga i te mana o Papatūānuku
Kāti to mahi, kāti!

*2 To ask black people to forgive you for killing them wholesale
in Africa, in the isles of the Pacific)

Ngā Tangata Whenua whakarongo mai
Kia kaha kia mau ki to whenua
Kia toa kia mau ki tō wairua
Mana motuhake time inaianei
So wake up
In the system man we have fe mash it up
Hell no I won't stop or even chill out
With the vision I'll go bug out
The imperialist colonialist all the unwelcome guests
Who lack respect we come fe make it correct
Put it in spec in view what we got ta do
Free our mind cleanse our bodies from their ways
You been told I've been told a long time ago
By the whiteman his ways are the ways to go
But I know his ways I'll neva follow
Righteous he is not thats what we got we got ta know - Whakakotahi

Ngā Tāngata Whenua o te Ao, whakarongo!
Kia tū ki te whawhai i ngā mea kino o tēnei Ao
Kia kaha!
Kia mau ki ngā taonga ō koutou tīpuna
Kia toa
Te ihi
Te wehi
Ka whawhai tonu mātou ake, ake, ake, tonu e

So it's come to pass and we've seen evidently
Similar things in many continent and country
North to the south the east to the west
It's a plague fuck their conquest
Niggers junglebunnies coons they call us backward
Forward we vision truth come in this lesson
Them give us a white God through a white Jesus Christ
The bible and its virtue but look at what they do
They a raped our mother and continue to kill
But my spirit is strong we gwan do what we will
Life is to be lived for for truth to show improve
So do away with the mischief in this release we'll move
Forward neva backward

*3 Greed arrogance, cause you to pollute the earth, pollute the air,
pollute the water

Waiho te Whenua
Waiho te Moana
Waiho ngā Tāngata Whenua o te Ao
Haere atu
Haere atu ki Engarani
Kia tere
Waiho te Atea
Waiho ngā tamariki
Track Name: Wise Up
This one come a gwan a message to the people make ya get up and stand cause it’s a lyrical lesson so ya must undastand.

Wise up say my people gwan wise up, wise up
When ya wise up ya rise up
Rise up everybody a go wise up, wise up
When ya wise up ya rise up

Now dat the time ‘ave fe come fe chant down babylon rise up onwards mighty people forward resolution.

Come let ‘em know we go forward jump now
Posse in the place ya know come spread around
Knowledge in depth incensed in parenthesis
On the righteous list pumped fist I never missed
Lessons from the wise I understand you got to know
Load so ya know in ya mind you gots a show
Grow in the times wise up the evil works lurk all around are you down

Seen it in their eyes but they never knew
Seen right inside they couldn’t hide
Look lookin’ at do you see what I’m lookin’ at
Point missed the point if ya didn’t see that
Arrogance closed shut the mind
Ignorance disregarded the times
Seen ‘em supposin’ disposin’ of me in their confines, but

Corrupt institutions with a lack slack insight
Took ya on a ride into hope it wasn’t so
Nope couldn’t cope slipped behind check know ya mind
The signs you’ll find in time I’m readin’ rhyme
In the mix it sits with no tacky sh..
Influence under of the status quo y’all
Lets change it cause it ain’t got the soul y’all
I ain’t fooled cause I ain’t no fool y’all
Wake up the people it’s the call for all y’all
Material domination overcome this infliction restriction blockin’ the sun
Smell the air hear the voice see the word ya shoulda heard
D Word discerning with the spoken word

Da word liketh to a loaded gun come shoot down de wicked man D Word come again
Track Name: Clockin' The Time
Time is tickin’ tockin’ while I’m clockin’ what ain’t rockin’ - I’m thinkin’ ain’t sinkin’ takin’ the truth thats what I’m linking - I sussed it out what they’re about - I listen to the righteous not anybody else - ain’t one eyed in sayin’ what I say - believe in right shining like a sun ray - and if it’s good - that is the right way - gonna keep on sayin’ it every damn day - fools be thinkin’ that it’s bragging - baldheads call it unbalanced slaggin’ - but this ain’t un - this is it - sayin’ whats it if you can’t dig it ya slip - but we’re gettin’ a grip - seeing whats ours again - lettin’ y’all know the troubles we’re gonna mend - lettin’ y’all know this ain’t no trip my friend - rockin’ ya mind so the troubles are gonna end

Clockin’ the Time
We’re gonna turn it out, y’all
Said everything is gonna come right

Be a thinker be a bringer of knowledge truth to produce good - not like a crook with a hood work for people the righteous would - do right c’mon 'cause it’ll rate - we ain’t got it now - but there’s a cake - know the stakes investigate - stay on side so it’s sure you’ll go through the gate - direct to check - whats disguised - aspects of neglect some let fly by - when on the case my head I rely - so why should I waste my time gettin’ high I’ll be clockin’ the time

The roles to urge and influence the force is common sense - movin’ minds readin’ signs lookin’ past the design - mind release from the beast - self control for the oppressed - is the ultimate goal - and like we said before it’s got late - times up - so wake up - rise up - and maybe erupt - to the truth ya see you’re gettin’ aware - yeah ya know we ain’t had our share - of what's ours fair - so while ya here - what we doin’ now let me make it clear we’re clockin’ the time

Music to influence thoughts which might be in a mess - educate eradicate feelings of stress - music to make you aware of what's goin’ on - raisin’ consciousness - meanin’ must belong - belong strong long to the song - in fact exact come on come along - what ya find is from the mind - thought out that's right - we don’t walk around blind - all the words we layin’ here come underlined - doin’ it in a rhyme called clockin’ the time
Track Name: Gun In My Hand
I’m a poet gonna talk to the people
Gonna keep it going fuckin’ up the evil
Keepin’ my mind on the time all the time
Or the rhyme that I sign won’t change a fucked mind
Thats what it’s all about no doubt
Communicatin’ relatin’ statin’ yo this ain’t no fakin’
It’s truth communication we’re makin’
Ain’t talkin’ no shit so quit thinkin’ nothin’
Get on up in ya mind and start thinkin’
I know this shits gonna bring some realizing
We’ll get wise and fuck up the disguising
Yeah babylon we’ll be doin’ the suprisin’
Thinkin’ we don’t know shit you and ya arrogance
Come here and listen up quick this is it ya slip
Yeah I know I can see ya laughin’
You’ve slipped out of humanity gone to insanity
Gone with the birds hell no gone to the madhouse
Monetary gain for the loss of a soul
Control of spirituality which is a necessity
Seems to have left your mentality
We wanna be free do you understand that fool
Keepin’ us in oppression teaching us bullshit in school
Here’s a thing here’s the thing pause the switch
Maybe you ain’t got the answers but it’s a bitch
The way you go on and on
Murdering mis-education fornicating and creating
Pain and strife for the people of the land
I’m lettin’ ya know there’s a gun in my hand

Back to the second verse on the microphone
D Word is my name yeah check it how I’m prone to
Keep the words flowin’ in a positive function
So we can move forward and overcome the backward
Ideologies theologies keep us in uncord
False histories mysteries praising too many lords
Time for the oppressed world to realise
It’s up to us ensure that babylon dies
No more sittin’ around lookin’ stupid
Come in ya face and ask what the fuck you did
Are you down with the struggle or down with the devil
Better get with us we’re fuckin’ up the lower level
Evil got ta find a place to run and hide
We’re clockin’ the time and that shits off side
Righteousness gonna reign supreme
Thats right this ain’t no fucken romantic dream
It’ll come I know and thats the end of the show
For all the wickedness this ya have ta know
And when ya know it you feel it the feelings the true shit
Ya laugh at the unjust cause they just gotta quit
Pulling their tricks cause they can’t penetrate
Righteousness consciousness with their wickedness
Blessed be the woman or man that takes a stand
Against the flow babylon will go down from all their iniquity
And in it’s place will rise a god humanity
So sister brother tell me whats the plan
For babylon put a gun in ya hand

So now I got ya checkin’ where I’m comin’ from
That’s cool that’s the point of this song
We’ll get together set up communications
Come together fuck up the situation
Talk about the changes we’d all like to see
Not me fuckin’ wid you or you fuckin’ wid me
But fuckin’ up the world ‘till everybodys free
Chase the baldhead outta all a we country
I’ve had enough but I ain’t complaining
I wrote this poem to do some explaining
I said it before times up times up
So here’s what I figure pull the trigger
Track Name: Dread On A Mission
Babylon stop your murdering
Wicked wicked man we’re comin’ to seize ya

Dread on a mission, it’s a Dread on a mission
This a Dread pon de session with a righteous lesson
Mush up mush up me come fe mash up de nation
To tell you what’s right inna dis creation
Dready ‘ave fe come to change the situation
So wake up get up and realise ya must be wise
Check their crimes through the times and open up your eyes
To their wickedness I say ya really have to know why
Don’t be deceived by them devils in their disguise
Them fill you up with garbage and all of them dirty lies
But Dready ‘ave fe come ta wake you up and make dem realise
Them plot and them plan them try a kick a we down
Watch your step no don’t you slide you must stay alive x2
Cause them don’t give a damn whether you live or die
Times are hard a times are tuff I said it’s hard to survive
Watch the bloodsucka because them out to get ya
Watch the Ku Klux Klan them an anti-blackman
Watch the Policeman come toss me inna a prison
Thru me skin colour they thinking they superior
‘Cause me locks natural bind think a me are de swine
‘Cause me stand up for me rights I said a me them nah like cause
Me reveal the truth so a me them want to shoot
They can’t realise they can neva neva hide
‘Cause when a Jah Jah come them are go tumble down so

Stop it stop it man stop ya murdering
Too long wickedness has been around me a go mush it down
The babylon them grown strong yet all em do is wrong
And that is why this Dreadlocks have fi sing this song
So listen in now listen in here weakheartman
Me nah like the way that this here world is running
The Heads Of Governments are evil and cunning
The Polytricks man out there yes creating war
While the weak and the poor say we nah want no more
Them spend a million dollars on a Nuclear bomb
Blast up the nation with them wicked creation
While people rob and kill yes a just to get on
And people starve and die inna many nation
You cut the pension from the old generation
Now you cut the money from the unemployed ones
Then you go and hire a thousand more policeman
Instead of spending money on some crime prevention
Ya buy yaselves some planes worth a thirty million
And then they cut the money from the solo mum
Ya say it’s for the better of I nation
Yet all you build is more prison

This are a warning to the Ku Klux Klan Clowns
This are a warning to all weak-heart Man come
This are a warning to all Babylon listen
This are a warning to the Policeman now
Me take the chance a while me got the Mike in me hand
So now listen here man cause a this ya have to know
What so ever you reap you will surely sow, bo

Dread on a mission say me fighting for me rights say me
Dread on a mission said the wicked me nah like me say me
Dread on a mission said me fighting for me rights
And this time for the wicked me go shed some light
Track Name: Can't Get Away
The rydim I glide with precision
With no imitates a unique method
To the message we create
We couldn’t never fake
Cause we make our own sound unknown unbound
Founded from the soul see the names U H P Posse
Come to bust our licks just can’t get away from it

Just can’t get away from it
No matter how we try

I need the boom bam slammin’ groove wid the lyrics
Pumpin’ truth or ballistics
Droppin’ bombs on the wicked deed
Done by few causin’ pain for a many
unfortunate people caught out whose the enemy
Not me but I see plenty iniquity
Cause my minds active concerned not static
With the truth never passive
From the root never cabbage gots my baggage
It’s deep way down past the underground
Keep with my waewae my feet on my Marae
As I fly over heads filled with lead
Been mislead like I said
I’ll never forget the stride not even if I tried

Pumpin’ out me lyrics a go make me high just
Can’t get away no matter how hard we try me go
Chant the truth I go tell ya whats right
Every day in the morning in da evening at night
Me nah write no rhymes with no senseless lines
Me write to speak the truth now a all of the time
Gotta know the wickedness and search the time
Check the demon and all his crimes
Thats why we chant and a thats why me rhyme
So we know the time nah get left behind
If ya wondering yah want to know why
Just can’t get away no matter how hard I try

Can’t get away no matter how hard we try
Da U H Posse will a neva neva die, said a
Can’t get away no matter how hard we try
U H Posse will a neva neva die, said a
Can’t get away its a scorcherer, said a
Posse come a take it furtherer, said a
Can’t get away it a murderer, said a
Posse come ta push it furtherer
Track Name: Beware A De Wiya
Beware de danger beware de Wiya watch out
Beware de danger beware de wicked Wiya cause a
Dem play with Wiya dem go burn in fire
Dem play with fire dem go burn

Started jammin’ da reggae early eighty da five
Now it’s ninety five me still a pumpin’ it a live
And a dis a one thing and it ain’t no jive
Everyone must know it a Wiya time said a
All the people I must let ya know
Like a tree by the rivers of water I will surely grow
All serpents in my path them a surely fall
cause in da light no weak heart can stand tall
Me come to chant so righteousness will rule
To open up the ears and eyes now of the fool
Boot the fuckers arse yes a back to school
This are the first lesson this are the first rule
Don’t you play with the Wiya you can’t handle fire
Don’t you play with the Wiya you can’t handle fire me say

Me are de Dread the number one entry
To make ya gwan get a nice and irie
Said everybody won’t ya come follow me search it up
To everybody come a dub it around won’t ya
Spread the word Mc Wiya in da town
Rubbing and a hubbing and dubbing it down as me
Fire up me lyrics in this raggamuffin sound
Writing up me my lyrics is my occupation to a
Spread me word to all the nation
Every one must check the situation
Beware the danger Wiya in the station
Me come to search to boot the demon cause a
Too many wolf in a sheep clothing but a
This are me message dis are me warning
Me coming in correct fe check reveal them say

Me are de Dread the number one entry
To make ya gwan get a nice and irie
Said everybody won’t ya come follow me search it up
This are me word to all the demon I a
Onto ya know tricks me know ya scheming
This are me word to all the shark in the park
Talkin’ bout the kind that bark nark a nark
Inna order to clear them own path
Beware cause Wiya come a hard and a fast
Me come to chant for the right not the wrong
To uplift the poor make them strong
To stand as one against babylon
Downpressor man come take your stand
Down wickedness up rightness
No Babylon you just can’t touch
Cause me da Wiya most dangerous say
Track Name: As The Blind See
Blinded by haughty pride not in my stride - democracy in incognito with a show - ism and skism some like to blame - human beings light many flames - crime defined by partial minds interpreted in courts controlled by men enslaved in bigotry - police enforcing the law of a system blighted with myopia insiduous with discrimination - money is their god - money makes their world turn - money ain't nothing but with money they turned our world - invisible equity - biased hypocrites - wide awake no mistake no justice but they justify in their terms reasons for denied partiality - it's all comin' out as the blind see

One law for all don't mean it should be the whitemans - some people forget what it is to be human - vehement acts of suppression to we native - the deciever is driven by fear to be overcome with overstanding - misled by self doubting dubious morals from the author while questions are lost to apathy - innocent until proven guilty - by twelve men and women chosen from a society - incapable of providing free choice - unquestioned morals serve as a litmus test - for which only the sheep believe for they haven't yet seen or heard or overstood what the righteous heed - but the blind will see and then we'll see

This laws a redneck law - institutional racism with blameless flaws - this justice wretched by nepotists - bigotted in concept -inept and lacking depth - they neva wanna hear it - got the masses subdued into an - only the good news mode - while we get mainly bad news on the news - well excuse me - cause I'm bringing the good news - cause I refuse to be quelled - by the moral right left or whateva - who cares anyway - I even say when I care - burdened with a chip on my shoulder - no shit - know ya place cause I do - I'm so overjoyed to help the blind see
Track Name: Fuck The Status Quo
The road of knowledge leads to wisdom
We all need injections from a righteous one
Nothing beats experience but the time become
Trials tribulations spent and done
Unfortunately we need self experience
To understand closely others consequence
Walls of personalities mentalities
Blocking mutual comprehension problem realities
Unanswered questions unaddressed situations
Three piece suits stifling younger generations
Contentment culturally humanely contented
Unrealised potential spirit waste demented
The hypocrite has no legacy but an evil flow fuck the status quo

Fuck the Status Quo, ya gotta know Fuck the Staus Quo

Too damn ignorant to understand
Blindened deafened by mis-conception
Unwilling to trust unconvention
Norms of society afraid of rejection
Change is the threat difference is accomodated
Fair decision is dismissed society’s upheld
Conformative behaviour the play of the pawns
Fence dwelling truth selling I scorn
Pre-supposed intellect to suppose a sellout
Subdued potential for good we should force out
Reason equated related to self
Answers decided delivered truth don’t quiver
Like the cold lies make me shiver
From an enquiring mind I will deliver
What must be said I’ll tell ya so fuck the status quo

Common sense a realm of humanity
Supposed intelligence in the human entity
True sense to decide universal
Benefical practicality a whole community
Accumulate capital a need to exist
A commonality deemed to persist
Ownership a human require
Peaking to explode in a cleansing fire
Mind interaction thrown out the window
Communication you can forego
Connection is positive not enough touching
Lives avoided barricades of fear colliding
The great architect is requiring our assistance
Resistance fuck the status quo

Divide and rule is always the plan
Consequently evidently afresh we must learn
History repeating too stuborn to notice
Unwilling to digest mind requirements for change
Thoughts unified a unision of consciousness
Forged solidified for exacting results
Discussion amongst the mobile vanguard
Thwarted by ego’s hungry for gratification
Correct order develop reasoned strategies
Aspects of mind physical action to be comprehended
Government policy decipher the plot
Realise a history pattern determine whats what
Joint desires for justice ultimately succeed
Disheartenment a lack of belief in self
Enlightenment the strength to know fuck the status quo
Track Name: Movement In Demand
Movement in demand, It’s a Movement, It’s a Movement...

It’s a movement in demand a seed sown from discotentment planted in the hearts of people with consciousness

It’s a movement movin’ real shit
We’re stomping it true quick c’mon yeah test us with it
Ain’t no fear in it we ain’t feeble
Slammin’ out the lyrics they’re comin’ for the people
Chattin’ against evil
Faith in the knowing is the only rule
Growing so we’ll move forward from this insanity
Wake up get up mash up society
So we can forge a better place for us to be
Free of wicked politic’s and dirty tricks against truth humanity
True humanity it a pumpin’ through da air now
Love humanity thats the way its got to be now
True humanity it a pumpin’ through da air now
Love humanity will a come a come an set my people free

I’m told by my conscience I should be of consequence
Actions now are gonna forge the future tense
Hence we gotta teach peace truth
Inspiration for true equity thats what we gotta be
Word up it’s too much all the misery
Lets do better for our children now thats a victory
Lets put the situation in the right perspective
Think positive not not the negative
Action for the good we have to give
So for the world better we’re gonna live
And in time if we promote peace and harmony
We can free the world of deciet and iniquity
This people is the way it’s got to be

Pump up ya hand cause a Wiya come a gwan
Said a all the people now ya must listen said a
I command dis the Posse in demand said a
Time fe babylon ta let go ya hand said a
I command dis the Posse in demand said a
Everybody make ya get up and stand
This a movement in demand dis a movement in demand
Said a downpressed people now a arm in arm
There’s a movement in demand it’s a movement in demand
Make ya feel da spirit now a that are de plan
It’s a movement in demand yes it come for improvement
Fight for justice push for the betterment
Movement in demand it’s a movement in demand
Lets come together and mash babylon
Track Name: Tell Dem De Youth
Me read a book about New Zealand history but a
All me read about is his history
Damn book it only start inna 1840
Tell me why oh why dem try to make a mystery
For the Māori people to come check their history
Instead of always hearing his story
Thats why I’m chanting yes to tell one and all
Whiteman come try to make us a fool
You must truth teacher inna da school me say
Teach the truth it a de number one rule me say
Teach the truth teacher inna the school me say
Teach the truth it a the number one rule but a
Them a go teach about the man Captain Cook and a
But me know him is damn blasted crook cause
Them never teach about a Maui Tikitiki
The mighty one who fished the land from the sea so

Tell dem de youth you a go tell dem de youth

We only hear ‘bout the man Captain Cook and a
We only hear ‘bout the man Able Tasman a
We were here hundreds of years yes before check it
We were here hundreds of years yes before they say
It’s outta one chance of a million
That ya ever knew where you were going
Saying maybe one day you were out fishing
Big storm come along and blow you to this land, me say
Stop this bullshit it’s getting way outta hand you must
Teach the truth to each and every one
Was not lost at sea when in this land we come to be

We knew where to come cause Maui Tikitiki
Kupe and others sailed up to these seas
With the moon and the stars the White man couldn’t believe
We knew the map of the stars we knew the path of the sea
This is how in this land we come to be so
Them a go say them come for peace and unity
But the preacher him was lying to we
With a good book one and a gun in the other
First them preach love a then them practise slaughter
Them a go say how we the heathens so they
Come to us to preach religion
To bring the word of Jah to all his children
But a him a vampire not a pigeon and a
This is something ya must understand that a
First time them set them eyes ‘pon this land
They’ve been plotting to kill the people of the land
To kill Maori culture language religion but the
Fire from which burns from within it is
Like the wind it keeps on burning
Calling out today from the days of old
Chanting from the root let the truth be told!
Track Name: Hardcore
Harder than Jake da Mus I kicked his sorry ass
I’m a warrior with knowledge of the past
Words of consciousness flowin’ from my tongue
I’ll string da fucken Ku Klux Klan up one by one
Like Hone Heke don’t be no weak heart fool
Nonviolence is a choice it ain’t no fucken rule
Baldheads need to heed respect or get a bullet in the neck
Fuck the sellouts that grovel in our face
Remember Dominic Kaiwhata, Paul Chase
Like brother Moana Jackson justice done for self
Burn down that wicked courthouse
Like Dun I’ll dis the Queen the hypocrite
Cause LKJ told me Englands just a fucken bitch
I’m a field nigger a warrior night and day
Fuck it I’m here to stay Hardcore

Hardcore HipHop it a hardcore rhyme it a
Hardcore B Boys this a hardcore style it a
Hardcore HipHop it a hardcore rhyme said a
U H Posse inna hardcore style

Check the Independence Declaration
To state beyond question Māori are a nation
Like Crazy Horse we know the Whitemans ways
How the Muthafucka’s neva hear our say
Like Kamehameha in Hawaii fighting for the land
Like the Mohawk nation take the righteous stand
Do you remember Maioro Takaparawha
Disdainful Babylon dem disrespect my mother
Check Malcolm X the heart the influence
Like Brother Syd Te Ahi Kaa we don’t sit on the fence
Hear Farrakhan I love the voice of Truth
Marcus Garvey well deep in roots
Like Steve Biko when the odds are down
I’ll neva bow my head to the bumpnut clowns
Fuck fitting in, Babylons corrupt
I’m hardcore till the battles up

The spirit of resistence come supreme
The wicked nah know what I mean
Like Pilger expose their wickedness
Until the bullshits overcome there’ll be no Fucken rest
Like Puerto Rico Panama Tahiti
You picked a fight with me at the battle Wounded Knee
Like Parihaka your vileness is clear
A brother like me will neva grow despair
Fuck CNN the CIA the F B Fucken I
I’ll big up the righteous till the day I die
Like Kanaky fight French Intervention
Fuck Uncle Sams imperial intentions
Stand up Indigenous rights
Like the Hauhau remember our plight
Cause Muthafucka’s I’ll neva lose sight
Cause Bob Marley told me don’t give up the fight

Ain’t swearing for the sake of it
It’s just a quicker way of sayin’ shit
If you can’t dig it then ya slip
I goes way back by fact of my Whakapapa
Always comin’ hard from the tribe Ngāti Raukawa
Tainui the waka I’m from
E Tū ya know I’m standin’ strong
I belong in this land Aotearoa
Discovered long ago by my mighty Tūpuna
So I’m on a high dedicated many many years
Fight against the racist he missed I resist
Blissed out with the knowledge of victory I’ll neva stop
Drop solid props like I said to the struggle
Fed well from the words ya hear I’m sayin it no shit
Track Name: Stormy Weather
Sun is shining but the weather's still stormy, open eyes mine didn’t fool me, cloudy problems awaiting fairness, from above will we bear witness, radiation falling blinding, ideologies warring denying, cold fronts heated phrases, gail forces chances faded, oh yeah I’m a face reality, check out the forecast, it’s gonna be

Stormy, stormy weather, it’s comin’ down, it’s gettin’ around

Hurricanes with peoples names, conceited wars for worldy gains, strong winds blowing broken trust, men and women respects a must, hail stones on the nightly news, people fly at any altitude, tidal waves knock opinions over, violence thuds silent sober, I felt the shudder, I seen the despair, tell me now it isn’t past repair

Strangers invaded spaces, hypocracy humid places, temperatures rising in the cold, desperation searching to hold, smouldering rubble in the rain, greenhouse warming smiles in vain, hope snowed over brewing heatwaves, searching souls yearning to be saved, oh the news isn’t sunny, oh yeah, check it out it’s just gonna be
Track Name: Tangata Whenua
Whakarongo mai ki te tangi nei

Ko Papatūānuku toku Whaea, ko te whenua ia
Ko Ranginui toku Matua, kei runga ake ia
Whakarongo mai ki te mea nui rawa
He take o te Ao
He kaupapa o toku whakapapa
Ko IO MATUA KORE, te matua tuatahi

E ora ! koutou ! toku Iwi,
Whaia te wairua o te ahi
Whakatikangia te kupu, te mahi,
Whakatahea nga hē o Tauiwi,
Kia rere ai nga hiahia, nga moemoeä,
O te hinengaro
Kia toko ai hoki te whakaaro mōhio

Tāngata Whenua - Ko Te Pake-Whakapapa
Tāngata Whenua - Ko Te Take Me Te Mana
Tāngata Whenua - Ko Te Hana O Te Hā
Tāngata Whenua - Te Ahi Kaa

Ko ngā mahi a ngā Tāngata-kino;
Kei te whakararu i te ara tika
Mau tonu mātou ki te mātauranga.
Ko ngā mahi a te Pākehā;
Kei te whakawhānui i te teka.
Me kite mātou i te pono
Me te whakamāramatanga
Kia whakakorea ai e mātou ā rātou mahi kino
Kia hāngū ai o rātou arero teka
Ka puritia e mātou te ihi, te wehi, te wana
Ka mau tonu, ko te aroha

Hei kaitiaki ahau i toku Whaea,
Kei taku Tūrangawaewae
Hei kaitiaki ahau i toku Matua,
Kaaore rātou e mōhio ki te mana
E rere ana te toto o aku tūpuna
I roto i taku manawa
E rere ana te wairua o aku tūpuna
I roto i te ngaringari nei, i te ngaringari nei,
I te tīnana nei, i te waiata nei
Me kite mātou i te pono
Me te whakamāramatanga
Kia whakakorea ai e mātou ā rātou mahikino
Kia hāngū ai o rātou ārero teka
Ka puritia e mātou te ihi, te wehi, te wana
Ka mau tonu, ko te aroha

Hei kaitiaki ahau i toku Whaea,
Kei taku Tūrangawaewae
Hei kaitiaki ahau i toku Matua,
Kaaore rātou e mōhio ki te mana
E rere ana te toto o āku tūpuna
I roto i taku manawa
E rere ana te wairua o āku tūpuna
I roto i te ngaringari nei, i te ngaringari nei,
I te tīnana nei, i te waiata nei